H&M grand opening at FlatIron Crossing draws crowds of shoppers

The Swedish invasion, which began with Ikea and the H&M on the 16th Street Mall, continues with with today's opening of a new H&M. A crowd of almost 200 people lined up outside the new H&M store in FlatIron Crossing, with the first arriving at 4:30 a.m. Why? Simple: to shop.

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The first 100 people in line received an H&M T-shirt and a gift card with a random amount -- from $10 to $300.

"It's really hard to determine what the expectations are when we have openings. This is beyond anything we could have imagined," says H&M spokeswoman Pansy Toulou. "People are super-excited, considering this is the second store in the market."

According to Toulou, FlatIron was chosen to for H&M's second location because of its location and space. "FlatIron Crossing is a beautiful mall and it's an urban area, there are a lot of families here, and we knew it would be a great area for H&M, especially as we're continuing our expansion in the West right now," she says.

The camp-out for this H&M opening was more mellow than the one anticipating the opening downtown. While people camped out at the Pavilions overnight, today H&M workers and a DJ began pumping up the crowd early this morning for the noon opening.

"It's an exciting brand, we give our customers something to shop for. You're getting fashion, you're getting quality and you're getting it at the best price," Toulou says. "I think that gets people really excited. It's back to school; everyone wants to shop right now, so they're here to do it."

Right at noon, crowds started cheering as the first in line were allowed into the store. Lines continued to form as security regulated the number of shoppers allowed inside, but eventually everyone -- even babies in strollers-- got their chance to shop.

Unfortunately, the infamous David Beckham statue, which showed up in San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Francisco last week, was MIA.

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Nathalia Vélez
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