Is Cindy McCain the Right Choice?

Is Cindy McCain the Right Choice?

The political conventions are over and I think we can all agree the DNC was more successful than the RNC. Sure, we had fewer police/ protester confrontations and more respectful crowds than the RNC. But more importantly, we had way better celebrities than the Minnesotans had.

And though I’m not as political as I probably should be, I did watch the DNC coverage religiously and tuned into the RNC coverage for as long as my stomach could handle. I have to say, this upcoming election has mobilized me in a way no other election ever has before.

Barack Obama truly seems to be for the people, evidenced by the fact that, post-law school, he took lower paying jobs to revitalize the inner cities of Chicago when he could have gone the way of the rich, powerful and corporate. He’s obviously an eloquent speaker. The crowd he draws with his international appearances proves that he is well-respected the world over and would vastly improve the USA’s social standing within the international community. Clearly, he’s intelligent and would surround himself with an intelligent, capable cabinet. And I’m all for giving a smart guy a crack at the White House again. That’d be a fun shift, I think.

I mean, I hear the arguments about his having “too little experience to lead,” but let’s be honest, here; Sarah Palin? Come on. John McCain is, what, a hundred and twelve years old? Give or take? Obviously, there is a very real possibility that his antique ticker is gonna give out and Sarah will take over.

Sarah freakin’ Palin!!! With all her profound experience as… what? Governor ?

Of Alaska.

Alaska, you guys!!!

How is that better at all?! It’s not.

Plus, John McCain is a Republican and the Republican’s have proven time and time again that they tend not to be all too “pro-human-being.” They seem not to like people very much. Personally, I’m not comfortable with that position on human-beings, being a human-being, myself, you know?

But none of that is why I will be voting Barack Obama for President in November. I am voting for Barack Obama because Cindy McCain, with her trailer-park blonde, absolutely cannot be our First Lady.

I just am dumbfounded by the fact that the McCain’s can afford multiple homes, but not an image consultant, or even a skilled hair stylist for the wanna-be First Lady. That blows my mind.

And did you see that morning show interview she did while wearing a hot-pink cast? She had a cast on and it was hot pink.


I mean, I love hot pink. But I would not at all be an ideal First Lady. I admit that.

My friend has an adorable and fearless little four-year-old daughter who recently fractured her wrist, poor thing. The four-year old chose a hot pink cast.

That’s all I’m saying.

Michelle, on the other hand, would be “Jackie O” for the next generation. She is attractive and classy and confident and intelligent and well-spoken and approachable. She would be a fabulous First Lady. Fabulous. I love her. Andrew Lloyd Weber should write a musical about her.

Cindy McCain, however, sorta seems like a trailer-tart. And there’s nothing wrong with being a trailer-tart. Nothing at all. I’m from rural Iowa. Some of my closest friends were friends with trailer-tarts.

I’m just thinking that Cindy’s trailer-tart image does not speak well of the McCains’ ability even to appoint image consultants, so how does that reflect on John’s ability to appoint cabinet members or Supreme Court Judges? In addition, with all the millions of dollars the McCains have, I’m fearful of the way they will invest tax-payers money when they won’t even wisely invest their own money in a good hair colorist for the little wife.

I’m sorry. I don’t mean to be snarky. I really don’t. But this is a very important issue within a very important election year. I do not think that Cindy McCain is the right candidate for First Lady. I don’t think she’s the right woman to represent the United States of America in social interactions with international dignitaries. I’m sure she’s a decent person, but, someone has to bring up the hard-hitting issues like this and I’m willing to take on this hot-button issue because I feel that it is my patriotic duty as an American to do so.

Come November, I implore you to think it through ladies and gentlemen. I think you’ll agree that Michelle Obama is the right choice… the only choice… for First Lady of the United States.

Because she’s way fierce.

God Bless America. -- Steven J. Burge

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