Kick up your heels tonight: John Fluevog Shoes is opening in Larimer Square

Fluevog fans all over Denver are jumping for joy today: John Fluevog shoes have finally arrived in town, with a store opening at 6 p.m. today in Larimer Square. John Fluevog may be a product of the '50s and '60s, but his shoes are much coveted in 2013. He took some time today to fill us in on the Fluevogian culture -- and to invite us to party with him tonight.

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Westword: We know what brings you to Denver: How did you decide on this space for a John Fluevog store?

John Fluevog: Each of our stores is different. We do not have stores in malls; I like offbeat, unique locations. I'm not into the cookie-cutter feel; I like "slopey" shapes, and you can't that creative in a mall.

Speaking of creative, your company celebrates creativity. You have advertising contests and encourage product feedback. What is that about?

When I was growing up, I had no idea I was creative. My family didn't cherish or didn't know how to express creativity. I didn't know I was creative until I was in my thirties. I had a partner and we decided to go into this business. We went to Europe, fiddled around and in the mid-'80s I was doing my own thing. It was a surprise and a shock that I could do my own thing and be successful. I'm a bit dyslexic so there is some insecurity that comes with that.

I think there is a global movement towards creative individualism. Technology is moving in that direction as well; with 3-D printers you can create your own stuff. I know if it was a shock to me, I'm sure others need to be encouraged to accept that being an individual is okay.

You have been in the shoe business for a long time. How does John Fluevog connect with the new generation?

I don't think we have a far reach to connect with the new generation because we are about creativity and individuality -- and so are they. They are about integrity with sincerity and causes. They do things in groups and have a sense of community; they think globally when it comes to changing the world...and they will.

What would you say to the individual who doesn't own a John Fluevog shoe or has never heard of you?

They haven't found a soul yet and come to the party tonight!

The John Fluevog launch party runs from 6 to 10 p.m. at 1439 Larimer Street; space is limited, soRSVP here.
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