Let it rain

I don’t know if my theory holds, but I think global warming signals a heavier chance of rain on the Front Range in the spring and fall. But if I’m right, we all need to buy a good pair of rain boots immediately. Luckily, deciding to do so is just half the fun. The choices out there are astounding.

To begin with, it’s only a short surf to www.whatapair.com, a website overflowing with adorable and guaranteed sloshable rain boots by a slew of manufacturers. There, I’m in love with Chooka’s Ed Hardy-style Koi boots ($59.99), a slick pair of Mondrian-esque kitten heels from Jeffrey Campbell ($39.99) and pretty much the entire rain boot line by Capelli New York (also $39.99). And for those with a lighter pocketbook, Target’s admirable knockoffs, including purple plaid, retro bird, and other fanciful designs, sell for only $24.99, and look just as hot. Look in-store or visit www.target.com. And by all means, surf further if you like, the water’s fine.

Just one more thing: If you’re out and about in the rain as I am, consider investing in a VERY GOOD UMBRELLA. Don’t even dream of picking up one of those accidents-waiting-to-happen they sell at Walgreen’s. Shell out and buy something extra large and very sturdy, or at least search the thrift shops for a used one. It probably belonged to someone dead, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing (mine, a gift, once belonged to my friend’s father, and I always feel especially safe under its storied wing). Now you’re ready for anything.

– Susan Froyd

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