Local Designer Spotlight: Stills in Motion

Local Designer Spotlight: Stills in Motion

Vanessa Gochnour, our local designer this week, is a model of preparation, single-minded vision, and involvement in the Denver scene.

Stills in Motion, the name of her line of bags, purses, and wallets, combines Vanessa's personal photography with her hand-sewn fabric creations. She uses pre-cut fabrics with paper backings that can be printed with a photograph. She then hand sews the fabric directly onto the bags.

Vanessa has many interesting designs of her own, but is also willing to take orders for custom designs. Her work is a unique, affordable (most of the designs run under $50, and some are only $10), and cleanly stylish take on accessories. Vanessa's designs avoid being overwrought or bland because she spends so much of her time involved in fashion -- whether working at the uber-hip store Fancy Tiger (which also sells her work), or doing photography and designing.

She also sells at Fabric Lab and Taboot, which means that she’s represented in both the South Broadway and East Colfax fashion areas, where many of Denver’s most distinctive shops reside.

Vanessa didn’t rush her appearance on the Denver scene, chosing instead to prepare and work on her style before starting under the Stills in Motion banner early last year. “Before that, I was just making purses for friends and family and just kind of testing out stuff,” Vanessa says. She knows she prepared as well as she could have, and remains optimistic about her chances for success in Denver. “It’s kind of difficult at this particular time (with the economy) for Denver to be as big as it could be, but its definitely heading in the right direction,” she says of the local fashion scene.

Stills in Motion can be found online at www.stillsinmotionbiz.com, by emailing stillsinmotion@hotmail.com, or at The Fabric Lab, 3105 East Colfax Avenue, Fancy Tiger, 14 South Broadway, and Taboot, 3000 East Colfax Avenue.

-- James Anthofer

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