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Here’s the thing - I sorta think American Idol has become a parody of itself, but I still can’t stop watching it. As near as I can tell, the show panders to three specifics demographics. As long as there are opiates there will be heroine addicts and as long as there are gays, girls and cougars, there will be American Idol fans.

Last night, while watching the semi-finals, something profound hit me: David Archuleta looks like a Monchichi Doll.

And you know what else? Syesha Mercado looks like a Bratz cartoon and David Cook has the exact same haircut as Bette Sue from the latest installment of The Biggest Loser. It’s true. I couldn’t make this stuff up.

But don’t take my word for it; see for yourself. My friend and fellow blogger (and birthday girl, by the way), Aubrey Shoe, and I have created a slide show to prove my point.

I’m not saying these things to be negative. I think all three contestants are exceptionally talented. Yes, if I had my “druthers,” I “druther” see Carly than Syesha in the Top 3, but Syesha is very talented. And in the end, it’s going to come down to a battle of the Davids, anyway, so who cares, right?

Quite frankly, I’m not even emotionally invested this season. Ever since Melinda got voted off last year, I’ve been giving serious thought to seeking professional help for my addiction.

Melinda totally should have won. I love Melinda. I love her. I love her. I love her.

Whatever. Just look at the slideshow.

Steven J. Burge

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