Look of the Day - Chelley Canales

Despite Colorado’s refusal to accept the truth, it is technically spring. Do you hear me, Colorado! It’s spring!!! It’s spriiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!! And you know who’s going to celebrate spring, in spite of it all? This girl! Denver actress, Chelley Canales, throws caution to the wind (that is currently blowing snow around outside as I write this) by sporting this flirty, little frock perfect for post-show cocktails on some patio somewhere. A pair of cute, sling back, peep toed wedge sandals completes Chelley’s fantasy that it is, in fact, warm outside. (It’s not.) Ms. Canales is part of a multi-talented and multi-racial cast taking the stage at the Aurora Fox this weekend in their production of The Emperor Jones, “a cautionary tale for rulers and the ruled” set in the Haitian Islands. Jones was Eugene O'Neill's first play to receive great critical acclaim and box office success, effectively launching his career. But, see, this isn’t Haiti. Is it? No. This is Colorado. And while Chelley’s plunging neckline and Miss America calibur smile are certainly heating things up for the men in her life, her ensemble probably does little to keep her warm on this fine “spring” day. Oh well. At least she looks pretty fabulous. And isn’t that what really matters in life? Break a leg, love!

The Emperor Jones opens tonight and runs through May 11 at The Aurora Fox Theatre, 9900 East Colfax Avenue. For ticket information, call 303-739-1970.

- Steven J. Burge

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