Look of the Day -- Pregnant Liz

Look of the Day -- Pregnant Liz

Not ever having been pregnant and, likely, never having to worry about getting pregnant, I have to admit, the whole thing sort of weirds me out. My sister gave birth to the two cutest kids in the whole world. For real, though. Cutest kids in the whole, entire world. Hands down. You’d crap your pants if you saw how cute they are. They’re that cute. Before they joined us on the outside, however, I couldn’t help but to think about Sigourney Weaver’s unlucky space crew in Alien every time I looked at my poor, doomed, little sister.

Yes, of course, every child is a miracle. Yes, the science of fetal development is fascinating. And, yes, it totally blows my mind that two bodily fluids can combine inside a person and then, BAM! nine months later there is a real, live human being who never before existed, with a brain and a heart and a nervous system and a personality spitting up all over the place.

Blows. My. Mind.

But still, small miracles and precious moments aside, the idea of having a miniature human swimming around inside of a person’s guts seems a touch creepy. Ya’ know?

That being said, “prego” looks good on some women. Our corporate editorial assistant, Liz, and her hubby are scheduled to welcome their bundle of joy into the world on September 8th. Until then, however, Liz can be thankful that she is fortunate enough to be one of those lucky, lucky women for whom pregnancy is flattering. Look at her. She’s a doll.

Here we see our corporate cutie modeling an attractive, steely blue frock perfect for those women daring (or poorly planned) enough to experience the joys of pregnancy in the summer months. Worn with a pair of shimmery Seychelle pumps, Liz’s ensemble says, “Yeah. I’m pregnant. Pregnant and adorable. Jealous?”

And the answer is, “No. Absolutely not.”

But I do agree that you're adorable.

Congratulations, Liz! We love you!

-- Steven J. Burge

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