Meet your Local Lange Girl: Breckenridge's Alex Guras

Colorado ski/soft porn fans, rejoice: Breckenridge's Alex Guras has brought the crown to Colorado, winning the Rocky Mountain Region for the Freeskier/Local Lange Girl contest 2010. And unlike some poseurs, this Lange Girl actually shreds.

(Bikini shot after the jump, you dogs.)

Though currently going to Rocky Mountain College in Montana for aviation science (!), Alex started ski racing in Breck and truly feels at home on a GS run. She also lives for faceshots (don't even say it). Here's more from her bio:

I started skiing competitively with the Team Breckenridge ski team and I
still am going strong. That's where my passion for skiing comes in. I
eat, sleep and breath snow! And nothing feels better than ripping the
perfect run on a GS course or dropping a sick line in deep powder in the
north bowls. Skiing is my life, my passion, my everything.

My parents had owned a ski shop in town for 21 years so I'm no stranger
to the ski industry or the Lange Girl tradition. Seeing those posters
throughout our shop and shops around the county. I always have dreamed
of the opportunity to keep that Lange Girl tradition going. I believe a
Lange girl needs to be the "girl next door" ...sensitive, tough and
sexy, which is exactly what I am.

So why should you pick me? Let's see... born and raised in Summit
county Colorado 10,500 ft above sea level, that's gotta count for
something. Skiing before I could walk (I can prove it), and one of the
sexiest girls who can rip around any mountain or GS course Period! Check
it out; I would love the opportunity to be the next Lange Girl.

See you on the slopes, if you can keep up :)

Congrats, Alex--you've done Colorado proud. Now get ready for an onslaught of creepy broseph admirers.

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