Menswear Mondays: Christopher La Fleur on his modern, all-American style

For some, a refined style is acquired through age and maturity. Others decide that it's time for a more refined look. That's the case with Christopher La Fleur, a sales advisor at H&M who decided to go for a more sophisticated look. Keep reading to learn who inspires his style, what he considers his favorite accessory, and what's inside his bag.

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Name: Christopher La Fleur.

Spotted at: 17th and Champa streets.

Profession: H&M worker currently; in the past I have been a barista, a projectionist, a janitor, a server, a bartender, a model and even a camp counselor.

Favorite film: Reservoir Dogs, by Quentin Tarantino.

2013 jam: "Come and Get It," by Selena Gomez.

Style inspirations/icons: Hunter S. Thompson, for his writing and personal style. Marc Jacobs. Any sartorial male, really. Tom Ford has great style. I used to like James Dean, but I feel like I'm transitioning to a more classic and refined look. What James Dean started, Tom Ford has perfected. I'm really into classic, all-American menswear right now, a look that presents a strong man to the world, maybe from the East Coast. It's very preppy and colorful; think Tommy Hilfiger and Ralph Lauren.

Favorite color: Teal.

Favorite accessory: Watches. Every man needs a watch.

Style mantra: Never be the same person twice. I believe people should continue to grow and develop into a new, exciting version of themselves. A lot of people get stuck -- and I don't ever want to be stuck.

Shops at: TJ Maxx, Jack threads.com and Izod.com. Amazon has cool fashion. I like looking good, but not paying full price. I'll always splurge on jewelry, though: I only wear real diamonds.

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The array of accessories that La Fleur has with him on this day includes two rings and his favorite sterling-silver watch, which is skeleton-ized so that you can see the inner workings and gears.

Continue reading to see what's inside La Fleur's bag.

On the outside, this looks like a simple black bag -- but the contents are complex. Let's take a gander at what LaFleur keeps with him for a day's adventures in the city. We have eight key items: pink earbud headphones, Penguin sunglass case, Juicy Couture keychain complete with pepper spray, planner, Diesel wallet, Mitch man construction paste hair product and Ashwagandha vitamins.

"In general, people make a judgment based on what they see," says La Fleur. "What you wear precedes you, which is why it is important to look good -- because you never know who you are going to meet."

Style analysis: While some men may take time to develop a classic and preppy look, La Fleur has adopted it to match his evolved lifestyle and personality. His striped polo and yellow shorts combine to form a clean silhouette. Both are staples of American menswear, but the yellow color and accessories give the look an updated feel. This style represents where La Fleur is at this particular point in his life -- but he could soon transform again.

Never be afraid to change into a new, exciting version of yourself, Denver.

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