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Menswear Mondays: fashion blogger Cameron Clark on his streetstyle

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When we scout the streets looking for style, it's a rare day when we encounter another fashion blogger in the process. But that's what happened when we ran into Cameron Clark on 14th and Champa streets, while the fashion blogger was visiting Denver from Atlanta. Keep reading to learn his fashion secrets, including where to shop and his style icons.

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Name: Cameron Clark.

Profession: I work at Macy's, with women's shoes, and I also blog about fashion from time to time. (Check out his blog here. )

Spotted at: 14th and Champa streets.

Favorite film: Trance by Danny Boyle.

2013 jam: "Express Yourself" by Diplo.

Style inspirations/icons: Number one: Alexander McQueen; everything he designed was amazing. Any place can inspire me, and seeing different people and what they are wearing is always fun. If I see someone I really like, I'll even sketch them with my phone. I'm from Atlanta so I really like Midtown Atlanta style as well, although it can be hit or miss.

Favorite color: Black iridescent . I love every shade of iridescent, actually.

Favorite accessory: Bags. Anything -- tote bags, backpacks, clutches. I'm very androgynous. Terms like menswear, womenswear and unisex don't apply to me. If it looks cool, I'll wear it.

Style mantra: I am chic, therefore I am. I also love that phrase in French. It's something that I always go by. You can look good in anything as long as your inner self is fine. You can have on a tee and jeans with your favorite bracelet or hat, and you will feel amazing -- and that's what's going to shine through.

Shops at: Zara is my favorite store; it's an addiction. I love any boutique that has really unique, one-of-a kind things. I love Proenza Schouler, too.

Here Clark couples a blue 3.1 Philip Lem tote bag with a metal razor-blade keychain by Alexander McQueen, and brown boots from Target. Of his sweatpants, Clark says: "Fit is everything. These are tailored sweat pants, for example, so things change. I'm always open to anything-- even sweatpants." This iridescent Marc Jacobs wallet hides securely inside his larger bag. "I don't have a hard time getting dressed. I'll usually pick one item and then build from there," he says. "If it works, grab and go. Usually I will wear the craziest thing ever and be totally cool with it."

Style analysis: While searching for menswear, we found a whole street-style philosophy in the form of Cameron Clark. He takes inspiration from the people he encounters on the streets, and is unafraid to wear items that may not technically be considered menswear. He dresses to please himself, instead of seeking others' approval. He has a rich taste for designers like Marc Jacobs and Proenza, yet mixes them perfectly with more moderate-priced fashions from Target and retail chain Zara. He even takes on the challenge of making sweat pants fashionable, and is able to pull it off with a good fit.

Always dress to please yourself, Denver.

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