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Reader: Meow Wolf Is Not Hipster Stuff! It's Self-Expression Through All Forms of Art

House of Eternal Return, Meow Wolf's Santa Fe installation.
House of Eternal Return, Meow Wolf's Santa Fe installation. Phil Murray
A year after members of Santa Fe's Meow Wolf started looking at opening a place in Denver, it's official: Early in 2020, Meow Wolf Denver will debut in the heart of the Mile High City, in a spanking new building in the triangle formed by the Auraria Parkway, Interstate 25 and the Colfax Viaduct. This towering Meow Wolf will boast an immersive installation three times the size of the original House of Eternal Return, as well as an events venue, a restaurant and a shop selling work by local artists. The $50 million project announced on January 4 quickly became the talk of the town. Says Kate:
Awesome, but also kind of a slap in the face for the original, awesome DIY art spaces that have been shut down no? Money talks....Not gonna lie, though. I'm actually really excited.
Phillip needs to know more: 
I don’t get what this is.. art exhibit during the day? Weekend party venue/swingers on the weekend? Just gathering from what the pictures show...
Fans of the original Meow Wolf offer their own takes. Says Gene: 
It's an interactive fun house where your imagination comes to life. It'll also house a concert venue.
Adds Moony: 
Have you ever wanted to transport to a different dimension? It's that question manifested. The New Mexico one has a cool story that underlines the cool exhibit, leaving clues for you to find.
Brendan doesn't buy it:
Just what Denver needs...more hipster stuff.
Responds Rae:
 It's not hipster stuff. It is self-expression through all forms of art.
Concludes Mark:
This announcement, the Kirkland Museum opening in March, Americans for the Arts Convention in June.....great year for the arts in Denver!!
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