On Trend: Zombie Style Slays the Streets

Scares and style collided on October 18, when the annual Zombie Crawl filled the 16th Street Mall with zombies, blood and surprisingly good fashion. During the event, we spotted two local make-up artists who went all out with their looks for the day; keep reading to find out more on how they came up with their costumes.

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Each of these artists spent two hours getting ready. Scott Grange, a makeup artist for haunted houses Circus of Fear and Asylum, sported a crossover costume. "I thought it would be fun to try out this Two-Face costume I did at Denver Comic Con two years ago," he says. "My favorite accessory is the tie that I hot-glued together."

Liz Fitter, makeup artist and student, says of her look: "I had to glue the thing on and paint it, then all the blood and blending."

The back story behind this fashion zombie romance? "Maybe I fell for him and he bit me. We were making out and then he turned," she says. "I love to people-watch and look at all of the costumes."

"The boots are definitely my favorite accessory," adds Fitter. "I bought them from a thrift store, a boutique in Boulder. They were fifteen bucks. Dress up and have fun. That's what I like to do." "This is the hat I wear all the time," says Grange. The houndstooth bucket hat is covered with unique pins. Grange and Fitter both used contact lenses to enhance their zombie realism. "I like seeing all of the interesting takes on zombies," says Grange. Grange's outfit is made of two different suits sewn together. He even painted one of his shoes to complete his zombie Two-Face ensemble.

Always stay on trend, Denver -- especially for Halloween.

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