Rock n' Grunge

Teen fashion correspondent Sarah Bolliger brings us the teen view of the latest summer fashion trends.

Fashion in the '90s consisted of oversized shirts that didn’t show off your natural curves paired with holly jeans or leftover leggings from the '80s. This style is starting to reaapear with a twist. Oversized shirts/hoodies are being paired together with straight leg jeans, and shoes -- including Converse, ballet flats, gladiator sandals, and chunky heels. Many of the shoes have a punk rock theme and come in patterns such as plaids, checkers, stripes, and studs. But, what if your style isn’t ‘punk rock’? For the next four weeks, I will take popular teen styles and mix and match them with fall’s hottest fashions from stores such as Forever 21, Hot Topic and American Eagle Outfitters.

If your style is Punk:

Add some color with striped straight leg jeans.

Gerls Black/Red Darkness Pants: $49.95 Hot Topic Paramore Kiss Tank: $19.00 Hot Topic Dollhouse Ollie Spectator Oxford: $49.95 DSW Shoes

-- Sarah Bolliger

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