Ruby + George's pop-up shop at Goldyn merges designer goods with the American West

Ian Kennedy's eye for style is in his genes. His family was in the antiques business, and as a child he'd go to auctions with his grandparents, seeking out items for their Native American and vintage store. Though that spot closed long ago, Kennedy has revived it through Ruby + George, the online shop named after his grandparents that features an expertly curated selection of antiques, designer pieces, and items with a uniquely Southwestern style. This Thursday, May 15, at Goldyn, Kennedy will unveil a window installation featuring Ruby + George finds and touting his pop-up shop of curated goods inside the boutique.

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Kennedy says his store got its start from boxes of leftover inventory from his grandparents' old shop -- but his own collecting over the years made him realize that he could do something more with all his finds. Putting his background in fine art and a lifetime of scouring auctions and estate sales to use, Kennedy founded Ruby + George, an online business that showcases his handpicked style.

"I like to mix styles to make things more modern -- with my Native American pieces, I really don't like to go with a theme," says Kennedy. "I was raised in the '80s and '90s, where Southwestern meant happy, rustic log furniture and very much a cliche of the style. While that has its place, I don't find that to be very livable for how we live now. I really like to mix a mid-century-modern, glam look with Native American pieces -- it warms up the coldness of modern pieces."

For his installation and pop-up shop at Goldyn, Kennedy will be using his extensive collection of Navajo rugs as a wallpaper-like backdrop to show off a mix of home furnishings and personal accessories. Turquoise and silver jewelry will be on display, along with vintage pieces from Chanel and Givenchy.

"The concept is sort of an elegant Chanel in the Southwest idea -- elegant furniture mixed with Southwestern details," says Kennedy of the display. Everything included in the window installation and exhibited throughout the store will be for sale.

Visit Goldyn for the opening reception of the Ruby + George pop-up shop from 6 to 8 p.m. tomorrow. Kennedy will be on hand for the unveiling of his window installation and shop celebration.

For more information, visit Goldyn's website. To see more of the Ruby + George collection, visit the brand's website.

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