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Ryan Gosling's top four on-screen ladies and one incredible Real Doll

Critics are praising Ryan Gosling's latest film, Blue Valentine, for bringing all the soul-crushing elements of a break-up onto the big screen. It's a good movie, if not a feel-good movie. Gosling's counterpart in the movie is Michelle Williams, the latest actress to star opposite the 30-year-old squinting star. Here our are five favorite characters who play Gosling's girl in the movies. 5. Rosamund Pike in Fracture English actress Rosamund Pike plays Nikki Gardner in Fracture, Ryan Gosling's future boss at a corporate law firm. Gosling, an ambitious, cocky attorney in the DA's office, engages in a romantic relationship with Gardener (who displays an solid American accent) in this legal thriller. 4. Tina Holmes in Half Nelson "Some people change, some people actually change," says Tina Holmes in Half Nelson, to Ryan Gosling, who plays a drug-addicted junior high teacher in Brooklyn. Holmes is his former girlfriend in the movie who has kicked the habit. This movie is really focused on Gosling's -- "tour de force" says an EW critic. Holmes shines here too though, displaying the gulp-inducing wanting showed by anyone who wants to see their ex clean-up. 3. Michelle Williams in Blue Valentine In Blue Valentine, Williams' character Cindy is far too stoic during the break-up (Voice film critic Karina Longworth says she has a "poker face") compared to Gosling. His other movie girlfriends have fared far better, but don't let that take away from this film, which should be one of the year's best. Williams' can't take all the blame for the way Cindy is perceived by critics and audiences, much of that also has to do with director Derek Cianfrance's reserved vision for her. 2. Rachel McAdams in The Notebook This romance-drenched film is perhaps McAdams' best-known role, here playing Allie to Gosling's Noah. A few years down the road though, The Notebook is perhaps best-remembered for the kiss between the two stars, one they recreated on an awards show to the delight of squealing fans. 1. The Real Girl in Lars and the Real Girl Was this entire list thought of based on this film? Yes. But Bianca -- the name given to the RealDoll by Lars -- is brought to life by Gosling's character, Lars Lindstrom. This is an incredibly sweet movie wherein all the actors are brought to life by an inanimate object and Lars' feelings for it, err, her.
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