Searching for bargains after the DNC

I was just certain that there would be a plethora of fashion bargains -- and by "fashion," I mean "T-Shirt," which is admittedly stretching the definition of fashion pretty far -- to be had today on the 16th Street Mall now that the Democratic National Convention has officially ended.

Just like everything gets marked 50 percent off the day after Christmas, the Obama T-Shirt hawkers and button sellers would surely have a ton of stuff to unload before trekking back to what ever blue state they came from. I had visions of $5 shirts and free buttons. Boy, was I wrong.

Maybe it's just that demand is still riding high from Obama's speech last night, or maybe the vendors figure there are a couple of months left before the actual election, but not a single merchandiser was budging an inch on their prices. T-shirts were still $18 to $25, and buttons remained $3 a piece or $5 for 2 at almost every booth. I'd had a better time finding bargains on the Mall the day before, when at least I'd been able to score a free Qdoba burrito and a "Quesadillas for Obama" button.

I'm glad to see that vendors are so confident that Obama has what it takes to inspire thousands more people buy shirts and buttons -- but I was always sad to see my bargain-hunting instincts proved wrong. Especially since I was navigating the Mall in heels. -- Aubrey Shoe

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