She's Crafty: Danielle Spires of Love Las Muertas

I have never been particularly crafty. I once knit half a scarf and I still have a cross stitch project I started when I was 10. In Girl Scouts, the only thing I was good at was selling cookies and I think I was the only kid who hated art class. But I have always envied those who can make cool beautiful objects with their hands and imaginations, people that can just create.

Danielle Spires is one of those people. She designs Love Las Muertas, a line of jewelry truly born from her head and heart.

“I make stuff that I dream about the night before,” she said. “And I know I really love a piece when I’m smiling while I make it.”

How could you not smile at resin ice cream cone earrings or a necklace with a silver sparrow delicately paired with a blood red ribbon? Many of her creations are made from vintage pieces she has collected over the years, and Spires feels that they represent parts of her personality and who she is. This fall, she and her mother will debut clothing under the Love Las Muertas name.

Besides making jewelry, Danielle is a photographer, writer and all around cool, artistic cool girl who makes me want to finish that scarf. You can find her work at the Fabric Lab, Buffalo Exchange, Red Door Swingin’ and Fancy Tiger. You can also order from the website,

-- Rossy Kay

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