Silver Jeans: Affordable denim with a designer fit

When I was told that I was being sent to a Teen Vogue party on August 16th to promote the first ever Silver Jeans store opening, I was ecstatic! The new store is in the Park Meadows Mall, and I thought before I went I should research the jeans and see what makes them so special.

Silver Jeans was established in 1991 to help customers find affordable jeans that fit as well as higher priced designer brands. The company was founded by Michael Silver, and he is now the president. While Silver Jeans don't come cheap -- they range from about $50-$80 a pair -- they do come with a promise of satisfaction. Michael’s mission was to make sure these jeans were sold at a competitive price by department stores such as Nordstrom, Dillard’s, and Macy's. As the jeans became more popular, Silver started to expand and the denim has since been sold primarily at specialty chains like The Buckle, Vanity Shops, and Bang Bang. Silver is known for their great products, and they've also invested in making leather belts, handbags, and accessories. Even if you are on a tight budget, a pair of Sliver jeans is a great investment if you want a good fit and quality denim! Stay tuned to my teen fashion blog for a complete run-down of my experience at the Teen Vogue launch party.

-- Sarah Bolliger

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