Six Ways to Waste Time at Denver International Airport

So you're headed to Denver International Airport, along with about ten million other people. If you're lucky, the wait at security could be the shortest wait you encounter; bad weather in other parts of the country may snarl schedules. Fortunately, there's more to see and do than ever before when you're delayed at Denver International Airport. Here are our six favorite ways to waste time there (and as a bonus for people waiting to pick up loved ones, you don't need a ticket for most of them):
1. Enjoy the Public Art
Denver International Airport has an amazing art collection, much of it commissioned even before the airport opened twenty-plus years ago — but with the arrival of the Westin and the train, there's even more to see. You can wander around the facility and discover the works on your own (hint: some art is embedded in the floor, more is overhead), or find the complete roster at

2. Shop at SkyMarket
Concourse B Mezzanine
New at DEN (yes, that's the official new nickname for Denver International Airport) is SkyMarket, a 2,600-square-foot retail store that offers fun retail items (pet pillows) and souvenirs (Broncos!) as well as healthy food and beverages to keep you going while you wait for a plane. The highlights include ice cream from Sweet Action, Huckleberry coffees and a large newsstand. But the real bonus is work by local companies and crafters — a welcome change from those made-in-Taiwan "Denver" T-shirts. The store is open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily, but remember: You must pass through security to reach it.
3. Call on the Canine Therapy Squad
Feeling stressed? CATS to the rescue. The airport's Canine Airport Therapy Squad program has been so successful that it's expanded. Volunteer pet owners wander the airport with their charges (outfitted in "pet me" vests), offering harried travelers a chance to take a break, take a selfie and pet a pooch.

Keep reading for three more ways to waste time at the airport.

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