Spring For Less Bling

Once the temperature threatens to reach 80 degrees on a regular basis, I must shop. Sure, there are all those old spring and summer clothes in my closet, but to truly feel like the nice weather is here, I need to buy some new shoes (and skirts and jewelry).

First, I found myself in Target where I spotted these cute, graphic printed flats. There weren't many pairs left at the store (where they run only $14.99) last time I checked, but you can still snag a pair online for $29.99.

Spring For Less Bling

Also at Target, I noticed the new Subversive for Target line designed by Justin Giunta. I thought these fun, colorful pieces could be just the thing to infuse my look with the right summer spirit. This Cameo Multi-Row Necklace will set you back $59.99.

Spring For Less Bling

Next, I poked my head into Payless Shoes. I don't usually shop here, but my husband needed shoes and I noticed that many of their cute spring styles were on sale for $4 and $7. This pair of American Eagle green slides would go well with all of the bold colors that are big this season, and they can be found online for less than $12 at payless.com.

Spring For Less Bling

Finally, when I can't make it out to the store, I always find myself checking for deals at Overstock.com, Bluefly.com and other shopping-deal websites. Recently I found myself craving big, bold gemstones, and I was impressed with the selection of cocktail rings, pendants and earrings that Overstock.com had for under $50, including this Pink Salmon Quartz and White Topaz ring for $49.99.

- Aubrey Shoe

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