Street Fashion: Larry Green at the Denver Art Museum

Being that the Denver Art Museum's Hamilton Building kind of looks like a gigantic DeLorean collided with the landscape of Tron, it's saying something that Larry Green's shoes came pretty close to upstaging it. In today's edition of Street Fashion, wherein we talk to random people on the street whose style catches our eye and makes us look twice, we caught up with Green, who was looking like he just teleported out of a Curtis Mayfield jam.
As all people with good style should be, Green was demure about where he picked up his wears, which matched an old-school leather newsboy cap with a knee-length wool coat and a pair of light checked pants, plus a white jersey, for an I'm-serious-but-not-too-serious kind of look. "I do a lot of shopping in Vegas," he said. "I've got relatives out there." He was not, however, forthcoming about details: "My brother drives me around out there, so I don't even really know where I'm going. I just ride." He did admit that he's partial to Nordstrom.

But that doesn't account for the shoes. Man, just look at those things:

Damn! The last time we saw shoes that dandy, it was Teapot Dome. But there, too, Green was taciturn: "Those I got in Florida," was all he would say.

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