Street Style: Jessica Farrow

Cat found this lovely dress on a very lovely lady while at the Starbucks on Larimer Square. (Yes, yes, sacrilege for a support-local gal. She knows. But Starbucks makes the best iced tea, and Cat doesn't drink coffee. Market, if you would brew better iced tea, Cat would come there.)

Jessica Farrow is from our fair city, but next week she leaves for the bright lights of L.A. to try her hand at modeling. In the meantime, she's brightening streets with this white wrap dress from Bebe that was "on sale!" she says. What makes this dress special is the detailing at the torso and the sleeves. Most wrap dresses are just basic, but this one has a little bit of a 20s flair. The only change Cat would make is a different color ribbon for the tie.

Farrow defines her personal style as trendy with as much designer as she can afford. She prefers wrap dresses and wedge heels -- which is good, since that's about all you can find in stores right now.

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