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Suitsupply Thinks Denver Men Are Ready to Look Good This Fall

Suitsupply, a super-hip men's suit store in Cherry Creek North, is specializing in tailoring and style for its upcoming fall collection, in stores next month. Suitsupply is an Amsterdam-based company with dozens of stores in Europe; over the last few years, it's spread to the United States. Earlier this year it opened its seventh U.S. store at 299 Detroit Street in Denver -- which means this city got the high-quality brand before L.A., San Francisco, Dallas or Miami. One of the reasons the company put the store here was the online purchasing habits of Denverites: Sales here through its website were high, showing that Denver wanted a store such as Suitsupply.

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While Denver men have a reputation for being bearded, outdoorsy, and never wearing a suit, Suitsupply's research showed that there was a market here for stylish menswear. The Cherry Creek North Suitsupply location opened last November and features many in-house tailors, a wardrobing room and an immaculate tie wall. The vertical integration system that Suitsupply uses to oversee every element of the production of its garments allows it to offer merchandise at a reasonable price-point.

"For its upcoming Fall/Winter collection, Suitsupply head designer Murray Coetzee and his team looked to the past for inspiration, combing the archives of some of Italy's finest fabric producers," says Nish De Gruiter, vice president of Suitsupply.

De Gruiter says he gains his fashion inspiration by "walking the streets of New York, and traveling around the world, visiting museums and going to shows. My colleagues around me inspire me. One has a certain set of outfits in mind when you think of your closet. My colleagues are able to create a different interpretation than what I would have created from certain clothes. In Italy the sun shines and people dress up comfortably, but they give it their own personal spin. "

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De Grutier's favorite pieces of menswear are a chambray shirt and a pocket square for their versatility. "I believe that if men start to care about how they look when they go out, it will set off a chain reaction and next time the guy in a suit goes out, all of his friends will want to go out in suits, because you look good and you feel good," he says. "You get attention and compliments; it's a lifestyle. It's about the nice shoes and belt. Details. We offer a lifestyle."

"Everything we do is through the lens of classic Italian tailoring," says designer Coetzee, "but our time in the archives has led to a collection that is truly next level." Patterns range from subtle checks to bold windowpanes to classic houndstooth, which shows up in suits, coats, shirts, ties, socks and an incredibly elegant double-breasted overcoat that is one of the collection's many standouts.

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Texture is also important for Fall/Winter, and fabrics range from luxe cashmere blends to hardy tweeds. Variations on the essential masculine color -- blue -- anchor the collection, ranging from bold Neapolitan blues to deep navies, with accents that run the gamut from rich shades of burnt orange to ochre, oxblood and forest green. In addition to the houndstooth coat, standout pieces include quilted bomber jackets, tab-collar dress shirts, chunky knits, rugged dress boots and irreverent takes on classic eveningwear. Suitsupply's mentality this season: Why bother with a boring old black tux when you can have one in black watch or brown corduroy? "With their innovative use of heritage fabrics, Murray and his team have set a new bar with this collection," says Suitsupply founder and CEO Fokke de Jong. "It's about seeing the past through a modern lens, which is our signature approach to fashion." For his part, Coetzee adds, "We designed these clothes for the contemporary guy who's serious about style, but likes to have fun with it, too. With so many classically-inspired, complementary fabrics to choose from, we've given him everything he needs to make his own unique statement this season."

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