Teen Summer Fashion

Teen fashion correspondant Sarah Bolliger brings us the teen view of the latest summer fashion trends.

In your teenage years it becomes critical to keep up with the latest trends, yet still have a quirk that makes you unique and sets you apart from all the rest. There is a wide variety of styles to chose from and no matter what your personal style is, there is a store catering to it. The brands and styles you wear can often lead to being "labeled" as ‘Prep,’ ‘Goth,’ ‘Skater,’ ‘Nerd,’ ‘Stoner,' etcetera.

My mission is to explore these "labels" from real teens, and ask them questions regarding their styles. The questions I asked are: “What defines your style?” “Where do you shop for your clothing?” and “What inspires you to dress the way you do?” I want to expose teen styles from real teens with real stories, because that is the best way to expose the truth of what we wear and why we wear it!

From left to right: Andrew, Cody, and Zach

Andrew, Cody, and Zach from Evergreen don’t really know what they would call their style. They all agreed when Andrew said, “Whatever I can find in my room that is clean is fine with me!” Zach is in a local teen rock band, and says, “When I perform, I want to be able to move and rock out, but, I still want to look good!” When I asked where they liked to shop to buy their clothing, they all agreed that Wal-Mart was the place to shop! These boys like to be comfortable, but still have a good style!

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