The Colorado "State Boot"

The Colorado "State Boot"

Cat just discovered that one of her favorite boot companies, Lucchese, has a "State Boot" collection. Sadly, they only have eighteen of our territories represented, and none of the three states Cat lays claim to -- Colorado, New York and Mississippi -- are included. It's too bad that all fifty haven't been immortalized in leather and stitching, because it would be so amusing to see all the Democratic National Convention delegates strolling through Denver trying to be all Western loving in their home-state kickers.

This pair of Luccheses pays homage to the good people of Alabama, but to see the rest, click here.

So what would be on the Colorado boot? Here are a few ideas from Cat:

Colors: Orange and blue for the Broncos and God's country Motto: In microbrews we trust Image: The Denver boot Image: Peach Image: For sale sign since we're No. 2 in the country for foreclosures

Post your ideas for Cat, and maybe we can get a prototype drawing from one of the local designers...

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