The Fashion of the Westword Music Awards

The Fashion of the Westword Music Awards

Last week, we here at Westword took a cue from MTV and threw a big bash celebrating Denver’s local music scene, complete with a music awards ceremony honoring the best of Denver’s best. To be honest, I don’t really remember a whole helluva lot about it because when the people of Westword have a party, we do it up right.

Lucky for me, two freelance photographers (Amanda Earls and Nate Marcy) were there snapping pictures, and were kind enough to do their part in jogging my hazy memory. Judging from their photos, I had a great time with some very attractive, very talented and very ... interestingly dressed people.

Click here for a slide show of the fashions on display at last week’s awards party, all thanks to Amanda and Nate.

Tune in next week when Westword brings you the best and worst dressed of Denver’s theatrical elite from the Henry Awards (MTV Music Awards are to the Westword Music Showcase Awards as the Tonys are the the Henrys). We’ll be on the red carpet at Littleton Town Hall, snapping photos and chatting with the Who’s Who of Denver’s biggest divas.

And on a side note, Jack Daniels and I have broken up as a result of some unpleasantness he caused last Wednesday. With a little luck and lot of will power, I just might remember Monday’s shindig. Here’s hopin', anyway.

Cheers! -- Steven J. Burge

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