The Ten Best Geek Events in Denver in April

April is here and it's brought a bounty of great geek events — no fooling. From zombie conventions to classic action movies, the month is peppered with fantastic ways to live the geek life in Denver. Here are ten of the month's best, presented in chronological order. 

The Kepler Story from AJ Lovewins on Vimeo.

10. The Kepler Story
Science and scientists don't get enough attention, so when you run across something like The Kepler Story, an innovative theater piece about the famed scientist, it catches your attention. Created for performance in a planetarium dome and utilizing sophisticated animation, an avant garde score from cellist Zoë Keating and impassioned performance from creator Nina Wise, the show is not quite like anything you’ve seen before. Tackling themes as diverse as the interconnectedness of all things, the wonders of the universe, and the wild life and momentous discoveries of Johannes Kepler, it’s a piece that’s capable of connecting on multiple levels, from the emotional to the transcendent. 

The Kepler Story opens at 8 p.m. Friday, April 1, at the Fiske Planetarium, and runs until April 10. Tickets are $34 or $29 for students and seniors. For tickets and more info, visit The Kepler Story website.

9. Magic: The Gathering Shadows Over Innistrad prerelease
The newest expansion for Magic: The Gathering, the world's most popular trading-card game, is hitting shelves this month, and that means it's pre-release time. The latest set, Shadows Over Innistrad, returns to the Gothic horror-inspired plane of Innistrad, one of the game's most popular settings, to find the place overrun by murderous angels and perplexing mysteries. Magic's pre-release tournaments are among its most casual events, meaning they're a great way to dip your toe into the water of competitive play, even if you're a total noob. Heck, especially if you're a total noob, since a new set is always a great place to jump in. If you've been playing the digital Magic Duels on your computer or console and wondering if it's time to make the jump to the actual card game, this is the way to do it.

April 2-3, various locations. Price may vary, but expect to spend about $30, which nets you six packs of cards plus a special promo card. For more information, check out the official Magic: The Gathering website, and find a location near you with Wizards of the Coast's store locator.

8. Walker Stalker Con
Zombies just won’t die, and each passing day seems to make them more popular.  Denver will get its very own zombie-centric convention when Walker Stalker Con brings its full-spectrum zombie experience to town. Touting everything from a tactical zombie shooting scenario to the Robert Kirkman approved The Walking Dead Experience — a hybrid theatrical-production-meets-escape room — Walker Stalker is the most in-depth zombie experience you can have, outside of the actual zombie apocalypse. Central to that experience is the incredible slate of celebrity guests, covering huge swathes of the cast of The Walking Dead, Z Nation and more, plus horror favorites like Robert Englund.

The con runs April 2-3 at the National Western Complex. Tickets start at $100 for the weekend, with day passes, VIP packages and add-ons available. For tickets and more info, visit the Walker Stalker Denver website

7. Commando
There are but a handful of perfect action movies in existence, and Commando is a standout even among those. In true action-movie form, it's short on plot and utilizes only the most rudimentary dialogue, but every minute is chock full of bullets, blood and bombs. It's one of those action movies that understands you didn't come for a lot of talkin' and thinkin', you came to see a shirtless Arnold Schwarzenegger kill dozens of people while dropping punchy catchphrases — and boy, does it deliver. 

See Commando on 35mm with director Mark Lester in person, at 7:15 p.m. Wednesday, April 6, at the Alamo Drafthouse. Tickets are $7. For more info, visit the Commando event page.

6. Silence! The Musical
The infamous Hannibal Lecter — brilliant psychiatrist, remorseless killer and eager cannibal — has terrified fans in novels, on film and even in a TV series. Now he’s bringing his highly refined evil to his most frightening venue yet in Silence! The Musical, a darkly humorous take on Silence of the Lambs. Like the film it’s based on, the show follows rookie FBI agent Clarice Starling as she tries to charm Lecter into helping her catch Buffalo Bill before he makes another addition to his skin suit. Unlike the film, this version has singing sheep.

The show opens at 7:30 p.m. Friday, April 8, at the Bug Theatre and runs through April 30. Tickets are $20 ($17 for groups of six or more) in advance, or $25 at the door. Recommended for mature audiences only. For tickets and more info, visit the Equinox Theatre Company website.

Keep reading for five more great geek events in April.

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