The Ten Best Places to Play Pokemon Go in Denver

Kids and adults alike are suddenly planning their summer around the places where they can find the most Pokémon. The app has topped 15 million downloads in the U.S. (and counting). Fortunately, Pokémon Go stops are clustered in some of the coolest spots around Denver, so you can stroll around scenic areas while finding gyms and Pokéstops doused in pink petals, luring Pokémon themselves.

Here are the ten best places to go Pokémon hunting in Denver.
10. Auraria Campus
Ninth and Curtis streets

It's as if the Pokémon Go creators knew from the start that students would become obsessed with the new game: The Auraria campus, which houses Metropolitan State University of Denver as well as the University of Colorado Denver and the Community College of Denver, is a hotbed of Pokémon activity. There are stops every couple of yards near the center of campus, as well as two high-level gyms. Keep your eyes peeled for a lot of Parases near Tivoli Brewing Company. 
9. Cherry Creek Shopping Center
3000 East First Avenue

There are a ton of Pokémon around Cherry Creek North, as well as many rare Pokémon located in the neighborhoods to the east of the mall itself. Look for a Bulbasaur by the Pulaski Park tennis courts; by the river, across from Pulaski Park, you may find a Psyduck. In front of the Kavod Senior Life buildings, keep your eyes peeled for a Tauros, as well as an Electabuzz at First Avenue and St. Paul Street. 
8. Cheesman Park
Eighth Avenue and Franklin Street

Cheesman has already hosted several Pokémon Go meet-ups in the short time that the game has been a phenomenon. There are Pokéstops along the path and driveway of the park, as well as a gym in the center. If you're lucky, you could run across a 469 CP-level Riachu — but we suspect that the CP (combat power) level of Pokémon you run into will align with your trainer level. 
7. City Park
17th Avenue and Colorado Boulevard

You can catch a lot of Pokémon at City Park. There are plenty of Magnemites and Eevees, as well as Spearows,  Pidgeys and Ratatas. Many lures pop up, turning the spot into a Pokémon free-for-all. You may even spot a Pikachu, Charmander, Caterpie, Weedle, Electabuzz or Dugtrio in the mix. 
6. Washington Park
Kentucky Avenue and Franklin Street

The scenic setting of Wash Park is a great place to find Pokémon. It has a bunch of Pokéstops set up along the path around the lake, as well as by plaques on benches, at the Washington Park boat house, even at the ditch memorial. The Lutheran church adjacent to the park also happens to be a gym. Wash Park has also seen its fair share of Pokémon meet-ups, including one this past weekend with a reported 2,600 attendees. 

Keep reading to find five more of the best Pokémon spots in Denver.

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