Tonight: Cartoonists Keith Knight and Stan Yan at Enchanted Grounds

The story of how Denver alternative cartoonist Stan Yan and syndicated cartoonist and 2010 Inkspot Award-winner Keith Knight (The Knight Life), a Bostonian transplant living in California, became friends is one of those "six degrees" deals: They first exchanged work nine years ago at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco and later found themselves hawking books at adjacent tables at the San Diego Comic-Con for the last six years. Then last year, Yan was doing caricatures at a New Year's Eve party that turned into an engagement party. The lucky lady? She turned out to be Keith Knight's sister. "And the first person I did a caricature of turned out to be Keith's mom," Yan says. The friendship was locked in place.

Knight, in town now for his sister's wedding, will team up with Yan tonight from 7 to 9 p.m. for a book signing at Enchanted Grounds Coffeehouse and Gameporium, 8800 South Colorado Boulevard, Littleton. Meet the drafty duo and get signed copies of Knight's collection The Knight Life: Chivalry Ain't Dead and Yan's The Wang: Erection Year and The Webstrips Volume 3.0; admission is free. Call 303-470-1010.

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