What Weekends Were Made For: Thrifting And Pancakes

Though I rarely make it out to the Family Thrift Center, in Wheat Ridge, at 3777 Kipling Street, I always find amazing deals when I do, so I keep it on my radar. Family Thrift happens to be across the street from my favorite diner, the Apple Ridge Café, which I like to call Apple Bottom, because it’s so much more fun. In my opinion, any visit to Family Thrift Center necessitates stopping by Apple Ridge for a taste of their amazing pancakes and other assorted tasty breakfast treats. While I recommend breaking your fast at Apple Ridge before going to Family Thrift Center, I also recommend pacing yourself. I tell you this because after stuffing myself on said pancakes and breakfast treats, I found that I was moving a bit sluggishly when I got to Family Thrift.

Family Thrift Centers benefit the SPD (Sensory Processing Disorder) Foundation, which provides outreach and educational services for children and families dealing with the disorder as well as therapists who are interested in learning more about helping children dealing with sensory processing issues. “Sensory processing” is a term that refers to the way that the body handles the signals that it receives. In children with SPD, the signals are received improperly, causing their systems to under or overreact to stimuli. Depression, anxiety, social problems and various other issues can result. The money that you spend at Family Thrift Center goes towards helping the Foundation to create a better life for the children it serves.

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Aubrey Shoe
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