"Yes, They're Real," the fourth entry in the "Week of a Woman" photo contest

In fourth grade, I wanted glasses more than anything. Well, that's not true -- I wanted braces even more. I also wanted a perm because my best friend had one. Basically, I desired to look as uncool as possible. As it turns out, I got all of those things as an adult (minus the perm, though I almost convinced my hairdresser to give me one when she needed to do the permanents part of her apprenticeship). For glasses frames, my motto has always been "go big or go home." Unfortunately, over the last few years, pretend eyewear has come back into fashion, causing people to ask me if my glasses are real. Why would I spend thirty minutes every morning putting on makeup just to hide it beneath black frames? Have you ever boxed, jumped on a trampoline or had sex with glasses on? It sucks. But I need glasses to see, and contacts aren't an option. This fourth photo-contest entry is devoted to my dear glasses -- and how they are a constant reminder of what a giant nerd I am. You see, now that the weather is getting colder, any time I enter a warmer climate -- you know, like going from the outside of a building to the inside of one -- my lenses automatically fog up. In this particular instance, I wanted to capture the phenomenon in regards to heated beverages.

Although it isn't immediately apparent from this photo, I am in a coffee shop. I feel that this is an important notation in my womanly photo series, because as a person who came of age in the '90s, the coffee shop is where I'm supposed to hang out. I'm a not-quite-Gen-Xer-but-too-old-to-be-millenial, or what I like to refer to as the best of both worlds. Call me Lisa Loeb or call me Kreayshawn -- I get and can identify with either reference.

Cheers, nerds.

Photos for the "Week of a Woman" contest should be submitted to the Colorado Mills Flickr by October 12, and the best entries will be awarded $100 to $250 American Express gift cards. See my first photo entry here, the second entry here and yesterday's "Big Baby Jesus Dog" here.

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