Yummsies: For the Baby Who Has It All

On the all-important neighborhood catwalk, that Bugaboo stroller-wear is so 2007. To up your little one’s luxe factor, it’s best to drape him in this season’s hottest look: the Yummsie, crafted by maestro Ray Young Chu of the fashion-forward Denver art collective the Yummies.

Here’s an effortlessly chic example from the collection:

With its bold name-dropping and playful slogan (“Art and Peanut Butter,”) framed by softly constructed Bermuda-blue cotton, this dreamy onesie lets your baby declare, “I’m fashion-forward, and I don’t even know how to use a toilet yet.”

Why name it a Yummsie? Chu offers his inspiration. “Obviously it’s kind a fun play on the name Yummies and it’s a onesie. Onesie plus Yummies is Yummsie.” Clever and creative – this one’s a keeper!

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