Zombies, Booze and the Pub Crawls of the Dead

Zombies and booze go great together because, well, booze goes great with everything. Besides, when the undead are clawing at your door, doing their best to feast on your entrails and you're trapped inside with no possible escape, do you want to face that fate sober? No. No, you do not. This Saturday, the End of the World Pub Crawl (starting at The Armoury, or one of several other bars on that same block) is celebrating the wonders of combining drinking and zombies by sending a horde of zombies to eat your brains as you attempt to complete a pub crawl and destroy those same brains with tasty, tasty alcohol. To get you in the spirit, we've compiled this handy list of films that put the experience of drinking in the undead apocalypse front and center -- or at least inspire your next movie-drinking game.

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Days of Darkness

This movie has a lot going for it, if you consider the presence of a slumming soap-opera star (Tom Eplin from Another World/As the World Turns) and a charmingly stupid plot twist to be "a lot." Of course, it's that plot twist that earns it a spot on this list, so that's got to count for something, right? Right? Anyway, the twist (spoiler alert, as if you were going to watch this turkey anyway...) is that the key to fending off the zombies is none other than sweet, sweet booze. That's right -- if you're drunk, you're basically immune from the zombies. That makes this the most fun zombie apocalypse ever, although the danger to your brain is replaced by danger to your liver.

The Grapes of Death

You know what's a lot worse than facing off against zombies that can't infect you if you're drunk? A zombie infection caused by drinking. That's what you get in this turgid, dull French film from the late '70s about a bad crop of pesticide sprayed on the vineyards that turns everyone who drinks the wine into a murderous, oozing zombie thing. Presumably, this is the nightmare of the wine-loving French, and everyone else who relies on Two-Buck Chuck to get their buzz on. Too bad the movie itself is such a nightmare, playing out as basically one long, unbearably dull chase scene punctuated with the odd bit of gratuitous nudity and cheap gore effects.

Shaun of the Dead

If you want a movie about booze and zombies that doesn't bite, there is only one -- Shaun of the Dead. The heroes first encounter the undead while they're drunk, and assume that the things are just people even drunker than they are. Then, once they figure out what the hell is going on, they spend the entirety of the film trying to get back to their favorite pub to "have a pint, wait for all this to blow over." Is it a good plan? Of course not, but at least they'll be in comfortable surroundings and nursing a nice buzz when their inevitable doom arrives. We could all do a lot worse.

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