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Remember, time is money -- which is why so many businesspeople bank on the lunchtime buffet at 1876. The spread is a real deal: $10.99 buys all you can eat of whatever cuisine is featured that day (sometimes an assortment of Mexican dishes, sometimes Italian), as well as a pass by the make-your-own sandwich board and two soups. But the true marvel is the array of salads: inventive (try chunks of marinated ham with green peppers and onions), absolutely fresh (crisp leaves of grass-green romaine) and downright luxurious (hearts of palm). Although the attentive servers are careful to keep glasses full and dishes clear, there's no need to wait for a waiter to outline the specials or bring the check -- or to worry about that same waiter eavesdropping on your talk while you power munch. A favorite for moguls on the go.

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