Why Colorado Tokers Love 303 OG

The 303 ain't nuthing ta fuck wit.
The 303 ain't nuthing ta fuck wit. Herbert Fuego
I’m a fan of Colorado-centric strains, so I was surprised when a friend recently pointed out a glaring omission in our strain-review archives: 303 OG. Unlike Colorado Cough or Commerce City Kush, 303 OG (also called 303 Kush) has a reputation outside of the state, where it’s known for its Pre-’98 Bubba Kush and Chemdawg genetics as well as its social effects. But as with just about anything that’s become a local legend, some of 303 OG’s backstory is disputed.

Most Colorado dispensaries carry a 303 OG cut with the aforementioned genetics, but several pot shops around Denver have something different. The Bank, a commercial strain breeder and sister company of the Clinic dispensaries, grows its 303 OG with Ghost OG and Kosher Kush. Both versions are considered indicas and contain heavy OG characteristics, but the effects on the body can vary significantly. The more traditional version is known for a creative, uplifting high that allows users to remain relatively focused before the imminent comedown. The Bank’s version, however, is much more to the point, giving users a heavy body high that’s light on the concentration within minutes. But if I want to go to sleep that fast, I can smoke Kosher Kush; I’d rather stick with the traditional genetics on this one.

It’d be disappointing if 303 OG were a hard strain to find around Denver, as are Colorado Cough and Commerce City Kush. Fortunately, it’s not: Buddy Boy, the Clinic, Chronic Therapy, DANK, LivWell and Riverrock Wellness have all carried the strain recently, while the Bank and Veritas Cannabis wholesale operations also grow 303 OG. In my opinion, theirs are the best versions you’ll find in town (albeit with different genetics). That might’ve been surprising a few years ago, but it’s time to respect the wholesale grows, both of which have won awards in the Grow Off for their potency and terpene yields.

Looks: Expect bright, vivid colors, with shades of purple and rusty-orange pistils complementing the Chemdawg-like green. The strain’s bud structure is more classic OG, though, with small, triangular buds and loose calyxes.

Smell: Tart scents of gas and citrus are balanced out by zesty hash and coffee notes, creating a wonderful smell for any fan of Kush and Diesel strains.

Flavor: 303 OG carries a well-balanced flavor that doesn’t trip on its own feet. Sour, rubbery lemon flavors hit the tastebuds up front, with subtle notes of chocolate, coffee and hash taking over the tongue afterward.

Effects: Although labeled an indica and carrying Bubba Kush genetics, 303 OG is euphoric and invigorating at first, inspiring users to tackle a creative project or hands-on chore. But toker beware, because that doesn’t last very long. The time of the onset of a gradual body melt differs by user, but it’ll show up eventually. The strain’s potent and varied effects are good for mental anguish such as stress, depression and anxiety, as well as eating disorders and nausea.

Commercial grower’s take: “We’d label it a 60:40 hybrid if it were up to me. The influence of both strains is so easy to spot in the way they smell, taste and make you react, and the user experience can differ from person to person pretty often. I’d warn against anyone wanting to start with this as their first attempted basement harvest just because of the name. It’s not hard after a little experience, but its desire for warmer temperatures would be confusing for first-timers, and its yields aren’t the best — just like Bubba.”

Home grower’s take: “I know people like to talk about how much energy this can give — at least that’s what I read online and hear budtenders say — but this thing is powerful, man. Its potency can reach THC percentages in the mid-20s, and that can put you out after a few hits, even if you’re experienced. One or two hits will still slow things down, but not your body so much.”

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