Ask a Stoner: I Accidentally Ate an Edible. How Long Will THC Stay in My System?

Ask a Stoner: I Accidentally Ate an Edible. How Long Will THC Stay in My System?
Dear Stoner: I got tricked into taking a 50-milligram edible. This happened about three weeks ago, and I have a pee test next week. Should I be concerned? Will it stay in my system longer than a smoked joint?

Dear Oyekanmi: Breathe. The worst is behind you. That’s a lot of THC for someone who doesn’t consume often, and unknowingly ingesting it can quickly lead to puking over a toilet, sweating in a curled-up ball or paying for an unnecessary-but-understandable ambulance ride. Hopefully you were able to avoid most of that. Now for the good news.
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Jacqueline Collins
You ate a lot of THC for a novice, and smoked weed doesn’t linger around the bloodstream as long as edibles, but you’re almost certainly in the clear if this is a urine test. Your body has probably flushed out the THC already if this edibles scare was a one-time thing, as infrequent users generally test negative around a week after eating edibles. Work out and drink a lot of water if you’re that worried, but you should sleep easy — unless you’re ever around the person who slipped you a 50-milligram edible. We’ve seen lawsuits over this kind of stuff before. Not cool.

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