Ask a Stoner: What Are Some Aphrodisiac Strains?

Dear Stoner: Do you know of any strains that can help turn me or my lady on? We think a sensual smoke session would be fun.
Dirty Mike

Dear Dirty Mike: Scientific studies on whether cannabis enhances sex or makes the body more receptive to it have yielded mixed results, but some readers claim that a little herb goes a long way in lowering their sexual inhibitions, increasing euphoria and prolonging their perception of time. There are several THC- and CBD-infused sex lubricants on the market, but if you're strictly a flower couple, I recommend using a strain familiar to both of you so that there's no surprise anxiety.

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Girl Scout Cookies is a popular and attainable strain that's provided mental euphoria and enhanced physical pleasure for me in the past, and I've found the classic, more easygoing sativas and hybrids to be good at amplifying sexy time. Sativas such as Island Sweet Skunk, Maui Wowie and Trainwreck are not only prevalent in dispensaries, but they can up the body buzz, while Flo, Skunkberry and SAGE are popular hybrids that have ignited memorable times for me and girlfriends in the past.

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