Why Colorado Tokers Love Skunkberry

Say it, don't spray it: Skunkberry.
Say it, don't spray it: Skunkberry. Herbert Fuego
Recreational marijuana has been sold legally in this state for over three years, but Colorado still hasn’t rolled out the red carpet for cannabis hospitality; you can thank restrictive consumption laws for that.

Fortunately, we’d already perfected the art of hastily packing and smoking bowls in the parking lot before a wedding — but serving guests pot hors d’oeuvre at a swanky Kentucky Derby party would still be pretty fucking awesome.

One of my first candidates for tickling a future guest’s tastebuds is Skunkberry. I’m pretty sure I wore a monocle and top hat and held my pinkie out the last time I puffed on this cheesy, fruity delicacy, but that could just be my imagination: The high is a helluva ride. But this would be one of my favorites even if it were 3 percent THC. Seriously, it tastes that good.

Bred with Blueberry and Skunk genetics (the exact phenotype of each is up for debate), Skunkberry is an indica-leaning hybrid slowly gaining steam in dispensaries. Its terpene profile, a unique combination of Linalool (fruits and spices), Caryophyllene (peppercorns and cloves), Pinene (pine trees) and Humulene (coriander) makes it great for butane hash oil and other concentrates that further showcase its delicious, complex flavors. Traces of Blueberry and Skunk characteristics are noticeable in its smell and taste if you look for them, but the earthy mixture of spiced fruit and baked brie is in its own class.

Just like its flavor, Skunkberry’s high is balanced and comfortable, starting with a subtle but stiff sativa buzz perfect for conversation and reading. The indica melt will creep in within an hour, but regular users can typically withstand the comedown, and newbs can stay upright if they only take a few hits. The hybrid high is also a diverse option for medical users, inducing appetites like a sativa and relieving muscle pains like an indica.

Whether enjoyed as an appetizer or an after-dinner snack, Skunkberry should be on the menu for any stoner party meant to impress.

Looks: Expect bright-green color with moderate trichome coverage and orange/peach pistils. Plants are tall, and so are the dense buds, which are generally oblong or football-shaped, with calyxes sprouting out like limbs.

Smell: Very similar to Good Chemistry’s Ingrid, Skunkberry provides a delicious mix of cheese and fruit, but with a hint of dank, wet earthiness to tie it all together — probably from its Skunk heritage.
Flavor: The scent might sell the tickets, but the flavor — like the smell, but magnified — wins the game. Skunkberry offers a well- balanced blend of fruit, funk and soil that pairs perfectly with wine or fancy charcuterie.

Effects: Skunkberry starts with smooth, uplifting effects without haziness or jitters. Perfect for lunchtime, the high typically amplifies appetites within thirty minutes and won’t stop until adequately satisfied, so be prepared to eat — and sleep, because Blueberry’s indica downfall can wipe out new users. Major medical benefits can treat stress, lack of appetite and muscle aches.

Home grower’s take: “I wish clones were easier to order on demand, because this strain is perfect after you have a less-than-stellar harvest. Not hard to maintain during vegetation or flowering, and really swells up a few weeks in, which is always rewarding. It responds well to nutrients, so much so that I probably wouldn’t grow it organic even if I could.”

Commercial grower’s take: “There’s at least two versions of it out there, and probably more if you want to start separating phenotypes. But the most popular kind you’ll see is bred from Blueberry and Skunk. You’d think it’d be a diva in the grow because of how flavorful it is, but Skunkberry is actually one of the more consistent, easy strains we have. Loves nutrients, but the yields and kolas will be huge even if you don’t use them.”

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