Ask a Stoner: What's the Best Way to Make Pot Tea?

Dear Stoner: I have bouts of nausea for days sometimes, and I’ve heard that pot tea can help. Do you know how to make it? I live in Colorado, so it’s legal here.

Dear Blizz: You’ve heard correctly — pot tea can be a marvel for those suffering from nausea. But since water isn’t a strong enough solvent to boil for extraction, making a cup is not as simple as putting ground-up pot in a teabag with boiling water. If you’re good using milk or butter in hot drinks, you can make a chai tea or latte by whipping up your own infused butter or milk: Mix ground herb into a simmering pan of milk or butter and let it heat on low for a few hours, then strain out the pot and add the liquid to your hot beverage of choice. (Find more detailed instructions for both at

Another option is adding a cannabis tincture to regular tea. You can buy tinctures at dispensaries, or you can create your own by adding ground herb to a jar of vodka or grain alcohol and leaving it in a cool, dark place for a couple of months. After a lengthy wait, strain out the plant matter and your tincture will be ready to go. Just add it to hot tea, and the heat will activate the THC. Some dispensaries also sell hash-infused teas and hot-drink mixes for colds and flus, but they’re not as common as chai teas and sugary drinks.

Final option: honey. THC- and CBD-infused honey can provide the relief you need without changing the flavor of your tea. Mixing in a spoonful with chamomile tea is a great sleep aid/relaxer, so if you’re lucky enough to find some, buy it. (I’ve been looking for a shop that stocks it consistently — if you find one, write me!) You can make infused honey basically the same way as butter, but it’s a sticky mess I wouldn’t recommend.
Dear Stoner: Should I ever take a break from smoking? I feel like putting it aside for a couple of months may do some good.

Dear Laine: Thinking about taking a break? Then you probably should. If you’re a recreational smoker and don’t depend on cannabis for medical relief or a better quality of life (getting high because it’s fun doesn’t count), then there’s no reason to smoke every day if it’s slowing you down. I’m not saying that those who do smoke every day have a problem, but your lungs, brain and peripheral vision could all use a break from THC sometimes. Stay clear for a few weeks and see how you feel — and how your shitty cooking tastes. Remember, too, that there are other ways to consume cannabis besides smoking.

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