Beat the Heat With These Summertime Sativas

It's too hot to smoke indicas outside during July.
It's too hot to smoke indicas outside during July. Scott Lentz
Is there a fast-forward option for the rest of July? I've been waking up with a sweaty back every morning for three weeks now. I understand that our trash cans aren't melting and our airports aren't being shut down, as they are in Arizona, but we're not used to this shit.

Getting motivated to play outside like you once did during the summer gets harder as the years go by, especially when it's 90 degrees out in the morning. These eight sativas might not lower your body temperature, but they'll chill your mind enough to stop worrying about those musty britches you've been walking around in all day.

click to enlarge Colombian Gold. - HERBERT FUEGO
Colombian Gold.
Herbert Fuego
Colombian Gold
Because of Colombian Gold’s easygoing effects, I never worry about what time of day I indulge. The comedown isn’t very strong unless it’s getting dark and you’re on the tenth bowl of the day, and the high allows users to stay focused and upbeat — which makes this strain preferable for patients looking to medicate without strong side effects and for potheads trying to toke without giving themselves away in a conversation.

click to enlarge Moonshine Haze. - HERBERT FUEGO
Moonshine Haze.
Herbert Fuego
Moonshine Haze
Despite having just a hint of spicy smell and flavor, Moonshine Haze makes up for its Haze lineage with an inattentive high and spindly flowers. Like its liquid inspiration, the strain doesn’t seem too scary after a hit or two, but it’ll shoot you up like a roller coaster shortly after that. The sativa high keeps me moving forward with little crashing, but focus and organization are hard to come by.

click to enlarge Nurse Jackie. - HERBERT FUEGO
Nurse Jackie.
Herbert Fuego
Nurse Jackie
Nothing about Nurse Jackie’s stank is subtle, with an initial burst of citrus cleaner quickly drowned out by a cheesy, spicy funk reminiscent of Chiesel or Ingrid. Some cuts have more citrus or cheese than others, but my favorite is a stiff combination of both. True to its name, Nurse Jackie’s a healer. Her high is uplifting and manageable while relaxing your body and stomach at the same time, making it an obvious choice for those who have pain or trouble eating in the morning.

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