Ask a Stoner: Can My Bong Fly With Me?

Dear Stoner: I've wanted to take my bong with me on a flight for an extended trip. Am I safe if it's cleaned?
Flying on Glass

Dear Flying on Glass:
Smoking utensils are one of the few variables in this equation that can be purchased in any state regardless of its cannabis laws; obviously, it's easier to buy a piece once you get there. But since you've probably spent a lot of money on your bong (and named it, too), you've grown to expect a certain amount of comfort that a joint or $25 pipe can't provide. Besides, flying with clean or unused cannabis accessories isn't a crime. Most of these things were technically made for tobacco use before the plant was legalized, remember?

Anything that doesn't smell and look brand-spankin'-new is liable to tip off TSA, however, so unless you're a whiz at tar removal, your best bet is to let a pro handle the cleaning, because bongs aren't the easiest thing to wash. Get something like a padded Pelican case to ensure that the glass won't be broken during the trip, and don't try to hide it from security. As long as the glass is new or clean, you could even carry it on.

Another option would be shipping the clean bong to your final destination, which is also legal in the United States. In fact, that might even be easier than flying with it!

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