Ask a Stoner: Help Bring Life to My Dry Weed

Ask a Stoner: Help Bring Life to My Dry Weed (2)
Dear Stoner: Help me resuscitate my dry-ass weed, please. It’s always so dry out here!
Need Water

Dear Thirsty: Colorado’s weed gets drier as the industry grows. The climate makes playing god harder for indoor growers, and post-harvest, packaging and retail steps all present opportunities for moisture to fluctuate — but businesses ultimately choose between quality or scaling to meet demand. To be fair to Colorado, I’ve bought bone-dry weed in dispensaries around the country, and there are plenty of Denver grows taking the time to properly cure their product. But that doesn’t make us feel better when a $15 gram crumbles between our fingers upon introduction.

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Kate McKee Simmons
If you have a proper weed jar, then products like Boveda and Integra Boost humidifier packs or RAW’s clay Hydrostones will pump life back into your dehydrated nugs, but some users believe that will come at a cost, too, arguing that flavor and potency are affected. If you’re trying to save an ounce, those issues might come into play, but if it’s just a weekly bag of herb, I’d try one of the humidifiers.

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