Five Caffeinated Edibles That Increase Energy

Five Caffeinated Edibles That Increase Energy
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Combining cannabis and caffeine is usually done with a joint and coffee in the morning, but non-smokers have options to the traditional wake-and-bake. And the edibles high, felt more in the body than the smoking version, is arguably a better launching pad for the morning mix.

Drinks, chocolates and pills available at dispensaries are now made with THC, CBD, caffeine, ginseng and all that other jazz, and many users view them as a path toward more productivity instead of just an evening on the couch. To reach level eleven while everyone else plays at level ten, here are five energetic edibles to look for:


Few edible makers have dabbled in the energy side and other specific effects as much as 1906. The Boulder-based brand has been slowly building its Go line of products for years now, starting with chocolates and chocolate-covered espresso beans infused with THC, CBD and caffeine, as well as theobromine and galangal for more stimulation and focus. The company has since launched a line of Go pills with the same active ingredients, as well as a Genius line of pills that also has cannabinoids and caffeine.

Canyon Cultivation
More of an iced coffee fan? Pop open a can of Canyon Cultivation's nitro bean juice. The longtime cannabis coffeemaker brews an option with 2.5 milligrams of THC and CBD per can, ensuring that lower tolerances can take on the day without getting too high. The nitro-brew option, infused with 10 milligrams of THC and zero CBD, is a bit stronger on munchies, so be aware of that before chugging all that creamy goodness.

click to enlarge Keef's Flo Energy comes with 10 milligrams of THC and 90 milligrams of caffeine. - KEEF BRANDS
Keef's Flo Energy comes with 10 milligrams of THC and 90 milligrams of caffeine.
Keef Brands
Keef Energy
Keef's classic cola doesn't have any caffeine, but one of the OGs of the dispensary drink section didn't want to leave a corner uncovered. The brand's ever-growing profile of infused products now includes Flo, a carbonated energy drink with tropical flavors. Each can comes with 10 milligrams of THC and 90 milligrams of caffeine, intended to bring the same buzz as a cup of coffee with an extra layer of fun. It's a little sugary — but no more so than a gas station energy drink, and much better tasting.

Marqaha coffee and tea
Essentially the 5-Hour Energy of Colorado's pot industry, Marqaha has been making THC shots for over a decade, and anyone who shoots a whole one should enjoy a similar experience. The brand mixes several fruit bases with THC, but Marqaha's coffee and black tea versions, each made with a specific terpene blend, are specifically produced for going up a level. At 100 milligrams of THC per 2-ounce shot and concentrated caffeine to boot, low-tolerance folks need to be careful when adding Marqaha to a drink.

If you're looking for a more daily multi-vitamin feel and an extra level of energy, check out Pressie. The Colorado-based company isn't here to mess around, telling customers that the pills are "especially effective for those that have a high caffeine tolerance." The pills contain 5 or 10 milligrams of THC, as well as 50 milligrams of caffeine, 100 milligrams of ginseng and a B vitamin mix. Like 1906, Pressie also makes products intended for more focus, replacing the caffeine and B vitamins with a mixture of ginseng and ginkgo biloba, an herb used to help with circulation and brain stimulation. 
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