The Clear started in California.
The Clear started in California.
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The Clear Comes to Colorado — in CBD Form

Colorado's evolving cannabis market is no stranger to distillate THC and other forms of solvent-less concentrates, but one of the industry's OGs in translucent concentrates is now in Colorado — this time in CBD form.

The Clear, one of commercial pot's first extractors to begin selling distillate THC, has created quite a name for itself in its native California. The company's product is even nearing Kleenex-tissue status, as the term "the clear" is synonymous with the word "distillate" for consumers on the West Coast. However, the company's foray into the Rockies will be about THC's calmer, more buttoned-up cousin, cannabidiol (CBD).

Known for treating anxiety, pain, headaches, sleeping disorders, inflammation and seizures, CBD doesn't carry the psychotropic effects that THC does. The cannabinoid can be extracted from industrial hemp; because of its low THC content, it doesn't come with anywhere near the legal hurdles involved with psychotropic cannabis. Taking advantage of the murky regulatory status that allows hemp products to be sold online as a health supplement, licensed pot companies are choosing to expand into new states via hemp and CBD as they wait for federal prohibition to lighten up.

“Making our technology available with vaporizable CBD for those who want to benefit from this hemp-derived compound without getting high or ingesting smoke is crucial to carrying out this mission," says Justin Pentelute, CEO of the Clear's licensing firm.

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The Clear's first line of CBD products available here will involve vaporizable CBD isolate, which can reach upwards of 99 percent CBD (the Clear says its cartridges test out at 99.9 percent). Each hit draws around ten milligrams of CBD, according to the company.

Plant-derived terpenes, which are made through a distillation process similar to that used for the Clear's THC products, are added to the isolate for flavor and sensory effects. Current CBD flavors from the Clear include blueberry, grapevine, lemon-lime, orange creme, pineapple and strawberry.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.