New Journal Designed to Spark Creativity of Cannabis Users

The exercises involve observation, imagination, abstract thinking and pattern recognition tailored for brains on cannabis.
The exercises involveĀ observation, imagination, abstract thinking and pattern recognition tailored for brains on cannabis. Courtesy of ReCreate
Two cannabis brands believe they've created the right mix of puzzles and activities to push our high minds along the path of creativity .

A sizable portion of artists, musicians and other creative types gravitate toward the plant because of its impact on the way they approach their respective crafts. ReCreate, a low-THC product branch of the Stanley Brothers, and Pilgrim Soul, a publishing venture, believe their Cannabis Creativity Journal will help users activate and focus their creative sides by providing various word, coloring and thinking challenges tailored for a brain on THC.

The exercises mostly involve observation, imagination, abstract thinking, pattern recognition and analogies from art, design, business and science fields to reach users across all lines of work, according to ReCreate co-founder and CEO Jesse Stanley.

"The exercises are meant to be fun and explorative, with cannabis serving as a tool to help enhance your experience," he says.

Stanley and ReCreate believe that less is more when it comes to cannabis-enhanced creativity, and argue against getting too stoned before taking on a project. Science agrees: Although THC increases cerebral blood flow, taking more than 20 milligrams caused participants in a study to score lower on fluency, flexibility, originality and elaboration. However, participants in the same study who used 5.5 milligrams of THC scored higher than their non-using counterparts in all areas besides elaboration.

"The journal is meant to be a guided practice that helps users tap into and develop their creativity. Through guided prompts, creative challenges, self-reflection and critical thinking exercises, the journal is meant to help develop creative skills and serve as a fun way to connect back with your inner spirit," Stanley explains.

The journal doesn't discriminate based on your creative medium, according to Stanley, who believes cannabis can impact all areas of art and entertainment.

"We think all forms of creativity are influenced by cannabis, regardless of the medium," he says. "Cannabis can help with creative and conceptual exploration for whatever you're passionate about ā€” and can even help you find new creative pursuits you may not have considered before."

Cannabis Creativity Journal was released this month; it's for sale for $29.99 on Pilgrim Soul's website.
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