Seven Cannabis Holiday Gifts With Santa's Approval

Most of these gifts aren't allowed in Santa's sleigh, but they're sure to impress.
Most of these gifts aren't allowed in Santa's sleigh, but they're sure to impress. Jacqueline Collins
Tired of buying your loved ones gift cards, wine and sweatpants every year for Christmas?

Colorado's marijuana and hemp industries never fail to come out with stocking stuffers and centerpiece gifts during the holidays. Lucky for you, though, we've been eating edibles and ripping hash all year. Find our seven favorite products below, from CBD to THC, with Santa's stamp of approval.

Sweet Mary Jane's Holiday Popcorn Trio
Whether Sweet Mary Jane's intended it or not, the edibles brand has enabled us to re-create the classic holiday popcorn tin, but with weed. Sea salt, caramel and cheddar cheese flavors are all available at dispensaries for your Christmas trio, and the CBD-to-THC ratio ensures that you'll get your munch on without an edibles freakout — although all of that CBD might knock you out even faster. Each box is infused with 10 milligrams of THC and 100 milligrams of CBD, which makes for one cozy night on the couch. The cannabis extract has virtually zero impact on the flavor, though, so make sure you label that tin...

Keith Villa's Cannabis Home Brewing Book
Beer and cannabis. A combination only rivaled by that scene in Predator where Carl Weathers and Arnold share a ten-second steroid handshake. Share that handshake with your Carhartt-wearing cousin this year by giving them Brewing With Cannabis, a book from Blue Moon creator Keith Villa on home-brewing THC beers. Villa left Coors-Molson in 2018 to start his own line of craft beers that are infused with THC and CBD but devoid of alcohol — but home brewers can leave all that good stuff in there as long as the beer isn't sold. Villa shared his THC peanut butter porter recipe with us a few months ago, but the whole book promises to deliver much more.
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DaVinci's mini-vape can fits easily in most pockets.
Courtesy of DaVinci
Miqro IQ Flower Vaporizer
There are more affordable and higher-performing loose-leaf vapes out there, but DaVinci's Miqro IQ is our favorite combination of the two. The $99 price tag is easy to swallow for convenient size and consistent functionality, both of which are a clean fit for light users or those who prefer to puff on the go. Nothing this small can provide monster hits without getting hot, so beware of the power rippers with this one. However, anyone looking for a healthier, less-reeking alternative to a pipe will enjoy the Miqro's sleek look, easy-to-fill chamber and simple yet effective temperature setting. For an extra $10, you can even engrave the vape.

CBD Bone Broth
Trendy stocking stuffer. Healthy meal supplement. Hipster soup. Identity's hemp-derived CBD bone broth checks all of those boxes, but we're not here to make fun. The company's $6 packets, containing 10 milligrams of CBD, are actually quite affordable when compared to regular ol' bone broth, and the chicken, ginger ramen and chanterelle mushroom flavors all blend in seamlessly with hot water. Cook your rice or quinoa with it, make a soup, or just drink it on a cold day. Be sure to add a couple more ounces of water than the 8 that are recommended for drinking it straight, because Identity's packets aren't for the sodium-adverse.

Betty's THC/CBD Sugar and Salt
Some of us get tired of shoveling candy into our mouths just to catch a weed buzz. Maybe we'd rather achieve it via mocktails, margaritas and whatever else we want to make with Betty's infused sugar and salt. The edibles and topicals maker's Himalayan pink salt, red chili salt and lavender pomegranate sugar are intended for rimming glasses, but don't let that dwindle your imagination: Salt and sugar are in, like, everything.

Betty's salt or sugar contains 100 milligrams of THC and 50 milligrams of CBD, and dosing is taken care of. Each tin comes with in ten serving-sized packets, so you can divvy them up among friends, or give all ten to your favorite cocktail shaker.
A ball of Moroccan hash, a classic form of hashish, is rolled at the Greenery Hash Factory.
Courtesy of the Greenery Hash Factory
Lebanese and Moroccan Hash
Have a more eclectic or old-souled stoner that you're shopping for? Give them a gram of the Greenery Hash Factory's Lebanese or Moroccan hash. The Durango extractor's century-old methods use nothing but the plant and are free of solvents and vaping liquid, creating a classic representation of a strain's flavor and effect without topping 50 percent THC. Whether it's a gooey Moroccan ball or blonde brick of Lebanese, it's sure to light up a friend's eyes before slowly dimming them out. Despite Colorado's affection for the strongest THC concentrate out there, the Greenery's timeless hash is gaining steam around the state, with nearly 250 stores now carrying the stuff, many of which are in the Denver area.

Koala Bars
We've rarely seen a Koala Bar priced over $15 at a dispensary, and the brand's flavors — banana pudding, apple pie, peanut butter and jelly, Key lime pie, bourbon pecan, chocolate turtle, machiatto, tootie frootie and amaretto orange, among others — remind us more of a diner dessert menu or ’60s ice-cream truck. Koala, like most edibles, uses THC distillate for infusion, yet it's one of the few brands willing to pass on the savings of using the cheaper extract with customers. Why not pay that stoner goodwill forward by handing out five different edibles to the family? Just think of how cool you'll seem on Christmas morning as you turn into weed Oprah. "You get an edible! You get an edible! You get an edible!" 
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