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Ask a Stoner: Is Making CBD Hash Like Making THC Concentrates?

The process is close to making its THC-heavy counterpart.
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Dear Stoner: If I wanted to make CBD hash, would I just follow the same techniques for THC concentrates? What would be different?

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Tracy Block
Dear Cal: Making CBD concentrates is pretty similar to making their THC-heavy counterparts. Marijuana extraction is essentially the process of removing trichomes from plant matter, because trichomes are what hold the cannabinoids. A CBD-heavy strain of pot or a hemp plant would be best for making CBD hash, but it’s still not going to contain CBD exclusively, as marijuana extraction takes all the cannabinoids, not just your preferred choice.

Most CBD-heavy strains in dispensaries won’t get you too stoned if you consume regularly, but in concentrate form, the high can still be potent even if it’s made from a strain with a 12:1 CBD-to-THC ratio. That’s why industrial hemp is the best choice, as it’s bred to contain 0.3 percent THC or less (though that can spike much higher with improper growing practices).

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