Why Colorado Tokers Love Chiesel

Chiesel is sought after for its rare productive high.
Chiesel is sought after for its rare productive high. Herbert Fuego
Colorado dispensaries are still selling weed (albeit via curbside), but I'm taking a break from going outside. Your boy is lucky enough to not be a medical marijuana patient, and my stash was flush before ’rona took over. However, the current crisis has inspired me to dig through some archives and Mason jars in order to figure out the right strain for these strange times. After a little digging (and more puffing), I couldn't believe I'd never before profiled my beloved Chiesel.

If the name didn't help you figure out Chiesel's parents, a gust of that gassy, creamy funk sure will. But for the uninitiated, Chiesel (also labeled “Cheesel” and “Chisel,” but we'll go with the most widely accepted form) was bred from New York City Diesel and Big Buddha Cheese by British breeder Big Buddha Seeds. The offspring carries a timeless fusion of Diesel and Cheese flavor, which smacked me in the mouth during my initial go-around. Truly a best-of-both-worlds experience, it was as if I'd just tried Korean barbecue tacos for the first time.

Although two legendary strains in their own rights, Chiesel's parents are both commonly confused with more popular siblings, UK Cheese and Sour Diesel. But Big Buddha's Cheese cut and NYC Diesel are a match made in heaven in this particular situation, providing a balanced flavor blend and a productive, optimistic high. Diesel strains are some of the most popular cuts of daytime weed on the planet, but they can overstimulate users and lead to infamous cannabis side effects like cottonmouth and anxiety if overdone or smoked by rookies. Despite also being labeled a daytime strain, the Big Buddha Cheese, a more mellow, focused strain with an Afghani parent, takes some of that Diesel edge off.

Chiesel has been spotted at Callie's Cannabis Shoppe, Complete Releaf, Cross Genetics, Elements, Golden Meds, Herbal Wellness, Herban Underground, Higher Grade, the Joint by Cannabis, L'Eagle, Life Flower, Lightshade, Mindful, Native Roots, Pig n' Whistle, Rocky Road, Silverstem Fine Cannabis, Solace Meds, Starbuds and Urban Dispensary, with several wholesale growers supplying the strain...but that hardly means the list ends there. Our favorites so far are the in-house cut at L'Eagle (the smell is so layered, it seems like I'm sniffing a neapolitan weed strain), as well as the wholesale version from Veritas Fine Cannabis, which is one of the more potent cuts out there.

Looks: Just as its smell and effects do, Chiesel's buds reflect a mixture of its parents, with close-knit calyxes and dense, cone-shaped nugs reminiscent of an Afghani heritage. However, those nugs can carry a bright glow, much like classic Diesel strains.

Smell: The earliest form of attraction for most tokers, Chiesel's aroma is a simple yet outstanding blend of classic cannabis smells, starting with a gassy, rubbery kick and subtle earthy notes, followed by creamy, intensely funky scents of stinky cheese and an herbal, spicy back end.

Flavor: A strain's aromatic hype can be all the more disappointing if the flavor doesn't live up to it. That's not the case with Chiesel, which starts with dry, leathery notes of spicy rubber, only to be washed out with milky, funky notes of herbal cheese. Both aspects stick around in your mouth after a toke session, however, so stay hydrated.

Effects: Maybe it's just the simpler genetics, or luck, that creates such a harmonious collision of old-school chronic with Chiesel. Initially uplifting, the high won't taper off if you have something to concentrate on...and, unlike with many stimulating strains, that isn't impossible to do with Chiesel. Any strain can give you the wierds if you smoke too much, but I rank Chiesel up there with some of the most productive highs I've ever had. The fact that it tastes like a weed charcuterie board doesn't hurt, either.

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