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Six Cannabis Holiday Gifts With Santa's Approval

From stocking stuffers to big gifts, these will keep you roasted.
Most of these gifts aren't allowed in Santa's sleigh, but they're sure to impress.
Most of these gifts aren't allowed in Santa's sleigh, but they're sure to impress. Jacqueline Collins
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Tired of buying your loved ones gift cards, wine and sweatpants every year?

Fortunately, Colorado's cannabis space never fails to come out with clever stocking stuffers and centerpiece gifts during the holidays. Here are five of our favorite products, with a bonus gift for those who chase experiences instead:

O.pen Sesh
If you're still looking for that "big" gift for someone, the Sesh is the hot toy on the block for cannabis users this year. Made by longtime Colorado vape brand O.pen, this unique machine relies on traditional 5/10 cartridges — the most common cart for hash pen batteries — to fill up a glass with THC vapor, which users then inhale all in one hit. Simply screw in the cartridge at the base, turn on the machine and let the glass fill, and then inhale or pass it around. The Sesh comes with a chamber for traditional concentrates such as wax and rosin, as well.

The Sesh isn't just fun and social. Your half-empty hash cartridges now have new life, and friends who love to hit joints but "only have a pen, if you want to hit it" now have an outlet to finally contribute. If you want to re-create Christmas memories of opening up a Big Wheel, Nintendo or Furby and then calling the neighborhood to come over and play with it, look no further. Every friend will want to Sesh. Buy it online for $200.
click to enlarge Smoke fills a glass
The O.pen Sesh creates a vaping experience like no other for $200.
Peppermint Vapes
At least three Colorado extractors are offering peppermint-leaning THC vapes for the holidays. Native Roots and Ozone are both making peppermint hot cocoa-flavored cartridges, while Evolab has a peppermint bark disposable vape. They're all sweet, minty and warming, like a shot of hot chocolate and schnapps on the ski lift. You can get these stocking stuffers for less than $15 at various dispensaries across Denver, although Ascend Cannabis and Native Roots are two pretty safe bets. Call it a novelty gift. You'd still hit it.

LePow Extracts Gummy Crunch
The cannabis industry, legal and otherwise, has taken a strong liking to Nerds, with dozens of edibles and strains named after the candy. The real Nerds brand eventually became fed up, but that hasn't stopped a smart Colorado edibles maker from incorporating a generic version of the crunchy mini-candies into gummies. LePow Extracts, known for THC syrups and cereal candy bars, also makes a bar of gummy squares topped with Nerds-like candies. (Think Nerds Rope or Nerds Gummy Clusters, but in bar form.) The 100-milligram bar is made with full-spectrum Rick Simpson Oil, not distillate, so expect a more full-bodied high than that of most gummies. ’Tis the season to roast in front of an open fire, anyway.
click to enlarge A purple cannabis joint with rosin inside
Also known as doughnut joints, hash holes are all the rage on social media.
Courtesy of Red Roots Rolling Company
Red Roots Hash Holes
Pre-rolled joints aren't what they used to be, and that's a good thing. Instead of gifting a loved one with the penny pre-roll you got during a holiday promotion, spend a few dollars on an infused hash hole. These big infused doinks burn like an ash doughnut, with rosin placed in the center and melting into oil as it burns, leaving a hole as it goes. You can find several quality rosin-infused joint brands in Colorado dispensaries, but our current favorite is Red Roots.

One of the first hash holes to appear in Colorado dispensaries, the Red Roots pre-rolls are strong enough to last through multiple sessions or get the entire house baked. The company was founded by Kentucky native Kayne Perry, who grew up on a tobacco farm before moving to Colorado with dreams of starting his own cannabis operation. Perry can only make around 75 of these 2.6-gram joints per day while ensuring top quality, so you know they're rolled with love. Put a bow on this instead of shoving it into the depths of a stocking; Red Roots belongs under the tree. Find dispensaries carrying Red Roots on the company's Instagram page.
click to enlarge Plastic jar of cannabis
LoCol Love's Specialty Eighths are coated in sticky dry sift.
Herbert Fuego
Locol Love Infused Flower
Hash-covered buds, also known as caviar or moon rocks, aren't anything new to dispensaries — but good ones are. Similar to pre-rolls, caviar's starting materials are rarely tip-top, but all of those worries go out the window with Locol Love. The Boulder-based cultivation is one of Colorado's top wholesale growers, with impressive cuts of Colorado Cream Soda, Minties, Monkey Berries and much more. Now you can get those same beautiful nugs with a frosty coat of solventless sift, collected in-house, for a few bucks extra. The high feels clean and supercharged, even for strong tolerances, and the kief sticks to the buds well enough for a slow burn. If you want to impress a cannabis connoisseur without breaking the bank, this is a great choice.

Cannabis-Friendly Christmas Lights Tour
Parents can be hard to shop for, so why not give your stoner mom or dad an experience instead? And what mom or dad doesn't love a good Christmas lights excursion? Colorado Cannabis Tours, the longest-standing cannabis-friendly tour service in Denver, has mapped out a holiday lights itinerary that will take them past the city's best public holiday displays and maybe a few private homes that go all out for Christmas, as well. Meet at the CCC headquarters in south Denver to hop aboard, stop by a dispensary to stock up on goodies for the tour (guests can bring their own cannabis, too), and then see the lights while getting lit. Book a seat online for $53.90 for any day in December.
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